For Better or For Worse

When it comes to relationships, we have all been in violation of something: Hurting someone's feelings, choosing the wrong partners, putting ourselves last, being selfish, having negative energy, being insecure and jealous ... the list goes on. Some of us make mistakes and learn from them; others continue to repeat the same mistakes, although maybe with different people. I call this behavior the R.R.O. - which stands for Relationship Repeat Offenders. These are people who are in violation of unhealthy choices for themselves and those they are involved with romantically.

I know all too well what it's like to be a R.R.O. In fact, by the age of 36, I had already married and divorced. My issue has never been that it's hard to meet a man; instead, it's about who I choose and why. I have often made life-altering decisions, like getting married, from an ultra-emotional space that was less than healthy and definitely for the wrong reasons.

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